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09/11/2019 Compass Parents

COMPASS Interactive and Annual General Meeting – 9thNovember, Wesley College, Balally, Dublin.

All Compass Representatives and parents from your schools are invited to the A.G.M.




10a.m. to10.30 a.m.  Registration and Tea/Coffee on arrival 


10.30 a.m.Welcome by Patrick Empey (Compass President) 


10.45a.m.Dr. Siobhán O’Higgins, Research Fellow, Active and SMART Consent Programme, N.U.I.G Will speak on this topic of consent.  


Dr O’Higgins has been promoting sexual health since 1990, working with parents, young people, teachers, educators and prisoners, first as a youth and community worker, then a teacher, lecturer, sexologist and clinical researcher, in the School of Psychology, NUI Galway.


She has a master’s in Health Promotion and in 2011 was awarded a PhD. Her PhD research explored what young Irish people want to learn and how they want to be taught about sexuality and relationships. Siobhán also has qualifications in counselling, youth and community work as well as a postgraduate diplomas in Criminology and Sexology.


Over the past 6 years she has been working in collaboration with Dr. Pádriag MacNeela to translate research data into workshops that raise awareness and sow the seeds to positively influence behaviour in relation to sexual consent –the Smart Consent workshop. Now as part of the Active Consent Programme, working with a team in NUI Galway which includes Dr. Charlotte McIvor from Drama and Theatre Studies) and Dr. Kate Dawson, they are extending their work with 16-24 year olds into different settings with similar messaging adapted to be age and context specific. The new programme includes theatre productions, interactive films, online messaging and in 2020/21 an online intervention on porn literacy.



Agenda - Circulation of 2018 A.G.M. Minutes (attached), Hon. Sec. Report 2018-2019 (attached), President’s Report, Hon. Treasurer’s Report & Accounts for 2018-2019, Adoption of Accounts, Adoption of new Constitution and also Election of Officers and Executive Committee for 2019-2020



1.15 p.m. (approx.)School lunch for those who require it. 

(Please contact the Secretary on if you wish to stay for lunch)


We hope that as many parents from Compass affiliated schools will attend and look forward to seeing you at Wesley College.  We extend our thanks to the Principal Mr Chris Woods for facilitating the meeting.




Julie Carr


I refer to my letter of 24
th September concerning the convening of the Annual General Meeting and Interactive which will be held on 9thNovember at Wesley College. Please see attached agenda and programme outline.


In terms of the Interactive we are very pleased to welcome Dr. Siobhan O’Higgins,  who is one of the lead researchers and presenters concerning Active Consent in the School of Psychology, National University of Ireland Galway.  Dr. O’Higgins will speak on thtopic of Consent.


After her presentation and the Question and Answer session we will convene our Annual General Meeting. The AGM will follow the normal business of such meetings but will include an additional item regarding some changes to the COMPASS Constitution. These changes, are in principle, necessitated by the structural changes in National Parents Council pp.


The changes proposed – please see in red type face - cover the following categories:


• Changing reference of NPCpp to NPCpp CLG (company limited by guarantee)
• Changes regarding the terms of appointment of our Directors to NPCpp (Art 2.2 and 16)
• Slight change concerning appointment to the National Executive i.e. a child in the system or if we need someone who has especially relevant skills (Art 7)
• Change to the payment of affiliation subscription ( Art 8)
• A proposal that the Constitution can only be changed by a 75% majority.
• A few typographical changes.


I will be glad to address any questions concerning these changes either before (preferably) or at the AGM itself. As the Constitution currently stands, a two thirds majority of those present will be required to pass these, largely, administrative, amendments. 


Finally, I would like to mention that a number of the current members of the Executive in COMPASS will be stepping down this year. While all members are subject to re-election there will be at least two vacancies. We would urge your P/PT A to seriously consider putting nominees forward. As previously reported to you we anticipate some developments and opportunities emerging from the restructuring of the NPCpp (e.g. Parent and Student Charter) which will provide for potential change in how we engage with our respective schools.


Myself, Julie Carr and or Paul Rolston would be happy to speak to anyone considering putting their name forward to explain and discuss what this could entail.


Yours faithfully



Patrick Empey