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03/04/2020 Compass Parents

News in Brief

‘How do teachers do their job?’ – Parents share their homeschool diaries, The Irish Times (02 April 2020)

Cork secondary students make face shields for medics, The Irish Times (02 April 2020)

RTÉ to screen Shakespeare classics for students, RTÉ News (01 April 2020)

Victoria White: We need to image ourselves in the confusion of our adolescents, Irish Examiner (01 April 2020)

Coronavirus crisis: 'Anxious students need clarity on Leaving Cert - doing exams for the sake of it helps no one', Irish Independent (01 April 2020)

Leaving Cert parents: Forget about points and keep focus on daily tasks, The Irish Times (01 April 2020)

How can I motivate my children to study during the school closures?, The Irish Times (31 March 2020)

Students turn en masse to online learning resources, Irish Examiner (30 March 2020)

Coronavirus and children: The red flag symptoms to watch for, The Irish Times (30 March 2020)

Dear David Coleman: My daughter is really stressed about her Leaving Cert, Irish Independent (30 March 2020)
For all the latest information and advice on Coronavirus/Covid-19 and the education sector, please visit the Department of Education and Skills website at

Updated information will also be available on the NPCPP website as it becomes available.