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23/05/2018 Compass Parents

NPCpp - School Transport Policy

Purpose Statement: 

The purpose of issuing this Policy is to highlight to the Department of Science & Education and the  Department of Transport, the anomalies of current Government School Transport Policy.  In so doing, we are looking to the implementation of a fairer and more equitable policy from Government.



The provision of school transport is an issue of mounting concern for many families throughout       the country. It is an issue of particular importance for children and families in rural areas, where school transport is, in many instances, necessary for children to exercise their right to education.


To be eligible for school transport, a child has to attend his/her nearest school in his/her catchment area.


Due to school closures, new school openings and amalgamations over the years, under the School Transport Scheme, school transport is only provided to (when applicable) the school of amalgamation. 


This has lead to situations where Parents have had to send their child to a school further away than the nearest school as their local schools had closed down (sometimes decades ago) and amalgamated with a school further away from the child’s household. 


In practice, this means longer journeys for children and it also sometimes means that children may have to attend a different school from their friends in the local community.